April Refresh

April– a perfect time to clean & refresh your life and home. They say people are naturally inclined to clean in the springtime because in the darkness of winter our bodies create more melatonin making us more tired.  However, as the days stay lighter longer, we feel a burst of energy encouraging us to want to be more productive.  I’ve also heard that spring and fall are the best times to clean because the humidity is not as bad as it is in summertime and the bright sun that is absent often in winter helps dry everything out faster.  Whatever the reasons may be, in my mind spring cleaning is natural for April.

A few clarifications about the April calendar:

  1. Change bedding does not mean you don’t change your sheets every week (like I suggest on my 6/10 list).  Change bedding is referring to changing your entire bedding collection.  A few times  a year I like to change out my comforter and sheets.  If your budget doesn’t allow for this or you just really enjoy your comforter/duvet, I would still suggest having a backup set of sheets.  Even if you wash your sheets every week, as I do, you still aren’t getting out all the dirt and grime in the fibers of your bedding.  Not to mention, your bedding will start to get worn out over time, making it less effective.
  2. When I say wash windows, I do mean wash all of your windows.  Every house, no matter how clean, has a significant amount of dirt and dander floating through the air every day.  Your windows, no matter how high up or even if they aren’t in a high traffic room, are still being caked with these allergens.  If you can afford a window cleaning company, I invite you to utilize that option.  I do not have that luxury, so I handwash mine.  However, with my husband’s help, it does not take us long at all.  This is also a good exercise to do as it lets you examine the security and air efficiency of your home.
  3. Switch fans—twice a year you should be switching the rotation of your fan blades.  They should move counterclockwise in the summer to allow cooler air to be pushed down creating a breeze effect in your home.  They should move clockwise in the winter to allow cool air to be pushed up and recirculated with the hot air coming through the vents to combine and create a nice warm room temperature.  If you’re not sure which way is clockwise and counter, often the switch on your fan will show you.
  4. To wash your pillows, simply toss them in the washer on a delicate cycle.  I have always done this and it works well.
  5. To sanitize your mattress, I strip it and then sprinkle it with baking soda.  Let it sit for a bit and then vacuum it up.  After that, I spray it in disinfectant and it’s good to go.  If you smell a little odor, feel free to spray it with a watered-down vinegar solution.  It will completely take care of the smell.
  6. When cleaning your vacuums, be sure to rinse off or replace that filter.  This is something that should be done often.  I clean my filters in cold, soap free water.  But always check the manufacturer’s website to be certain.

The April PDF is available below for download.  Enjoy and Happy Spring Cleaning!!!!


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