Overlooked August

Can you believe August is almost here!?  With a new month, comes a new calendar.  Giving us a new focus for our households.  July was designated for decluttering.  Did you manage to work through it?  I noticed, for me, it was definitely quicker the second time around. 

August’s focus will be on those overlooked items in our household.  You know the ones I mean?  The areas we rarely think to clean on our own.  I think we will all be amazed at the dirt we find! 

So, without further ado, here’s the August calendar.  Show me your progress along the way!  I’m sure it will be a satisfying process!   


14 thoughts on “Overlooked August

  1. Hi! I just found you on TikTok and I like your ideas to keep it manageable! Did you have a calendar for January? I missed that and would love to have it if you do.

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  2. I just saw your tik toks ❤️. I’m overwhelmed with my current living situation. Sold a home, new home will not be ready til April 2023, so now traveling in camper until house gets built. Between storage units minimizing belonging, your organization skills will help tremendously.

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