Mop Up March

I told you guys I was getting Spring Fever—and I wasn’t lying!  Normally, I revel in every season.  But, I’m ready to start spring cleaning the house!  So many areas are screaming for a good scrubbing—so I need an excuse to begin!

For March’s calendar we will begin our spring cleaning.  I’ve broke it into multiple months, so we don’t get overwhelmed.  For March, we will focus on the bedrooms, living room, dining room and entryway.  I’ve also added in several catch up days. You’ll note I tried to designate which days are for which rooms, but houses vary. Remember, if a day doesn’t apply to you skip it or use it as a catch up day!

I have begun a master spring cleaning list so be sure to look for that next week!

I will post a video on my cleaning must haves soon, so be sure to watch for that, also.

On you mark, get set, clean!

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