Clutter-Free February

February gets such a bad wrap, IMO. Yes, here in the Midwest, it’s cold and snowy. But that allows so much opportunity! You’re coming off of an optimistic month, don’t lose that momentum! Take advantage of your time inside! Embrace your Clutter-Free February! As you can see, I’ve created a calendar to guide my clutter-free journey. Each day there’s something new to focus on. Now, don’t get nervous! You don’t need to declutter everything on that day, just begin the process of it. For instance, when decluttering the bathroom, focus on getting rid of 10 items. A 2 year old half dried up bottle of mascara, a raggedy washcloth, an almost empty bottle of shampoo, etc. — TOSS IT! Just getting rid of 10 items can make all the difference. Maybe it clears a bunch of clutter. Maybe it gets you motivated to finish the job. Whatever the case may be, it is pushing you in the right direction. Feel free to copy this calendar (email me for your own copy) or make one specific to your house and turn this dreary, cold month into a PRODUCTIVE, HAPPY one!

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