The 6/10 List

Thousands all over the world (literally) have asked for a copy of this list and there’s one reason why… it’s easy to follow! The 6/10 List is a simple, straight forward method of cleaning. It is in depth enough to keep your home clean, but not so detailed that you get overwhelmed and give up. A common problem people face is that when they look around their home they see so many different messes they don’t know where to start. Having a structure, a set list to follow is so helpful. I’ve had people tell me it’s great for their ADHD or for single parents or for busy working parents and that’s because one thing we all have in common is a lack of time and focus. When we’re pulled in a million different directions, housework can seem so daunting. We need the structure that a list can provide, and a simple one at that. Most average households don’t have time to dedicate to cleaning “zones” within their homes. We just need to get done what is most necessary to keep our homes looking nice and running efficiently. If you’re new to housework or are already overwhelmed, dedicate 2 or 3 items off of the Daily 6 that you must complete each day. As those get easier, continue adding an item until you’ve mastered a routine for the Daily 6. After following The 6/10 List for a week or so, you’ll find that your home becomes much more manageable and you’ll be able to quickly complete the list. If you have any questions or would like a PDF copy of the list, please e-mail me!

81 thoughts on “The 6/10 List

    1. I’m a dad and I’m home with the two boys (2 & 4) during the day. My wife has a very intense job so I like taking care of chores so that when I go to work on the evenings she didn’t have anything to worry about.
      The “download” button isn’t working for me; can you email me the PDF?
      Thank you so much!

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      1. Please email me any lists, ideas, suggestions. Anything you have for me to make a schedule. Daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I am the type who needs to look, do and cross off. Thanks so much!

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  1. I should be on your mailing list, but did not receive the April calendar. I looked online and am unable to locate it.


  2. I would like to be added to the mailing list for the monthly cleaning calendar please 🥺 I need help getting my life together!


  3. I’m super interested in your daily calendars for each month! A mom with 2 kiddos 2 dogs and a baby on the way, a calendar would help me so much!!!

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  4. I love this list and I downloaded the PDF… And I completely understand the need for watermarks… But the large watermark in the center of the file is completely distracting to my ADHD brain… Is there a way to get a copy without the watermark?


      1. Hi! Found you on TikTok. Excited to try your 6/10 method. Is there any way to receive a copy with a smaller watermark? Much appreciated!

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  5. Hi, saw your 6/10 list on Tiktok and came to your ws to find out more. I need this! Being a full time carer to my husband and having depression I find housework overwhelming especially as I have unrealistic high standards which just adds to the stress. I think your list would really help me to get things done and feel better. Please can you email me a copy as the link doesn’t work for me. Thank you for sharing!

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