You’re Planning Your Week Wrong, Here’s Why.

I know it’s very common for households to plan the week ahead on Sundays, and I totally understand.  Sundays start the week, most of us are off work that day, etc.  However, I think you are doing a disservice to yourself by following this strategy. 

I typically plan the upcoming week on Thursday or Friday (depending on my schedule).  Here’s the main reason why:

Sundays are *Day 1* of our week.  If we aren’t planning our week before day 1, then we’re already behind.  Not to mention, it turns what should be a relaxing day before the work week begins into its own rat race. 

Let me give you a very quick rundown of what my week planning looks like:

* I start with looking over my schedule.  Transferring the events and to-dos from the monthly calendar and copying them to the weekly calendar.  Until this is done, I will not be able to meal plan for the week ahead which in turn means I will not be able to schedule a grocery pickup.  By reviewing what the upcoming week looks like before I plan meals means I will know if there’s a night we won’t be eating at home, or if there’s a busy evening that requires a quick dinner, etc.  This also allows me to see if there are products I will need purchased from the store for upcoming events.  Examples of this would be if you’ve got a birthday party to attend, you can get a present picked out or if your child is taking treats to school, you can get them purchased.  By mentally walking through my week, I can eliminate extra trips to the store and save myself time and money.

* Now that I know what the upcoming week holds, I can get the grocery pickup scheduled.  Getting the groceries purchased and put away at the end of the week ensures a smooth start to the week approaching.  If you aren’t purchasing groceries at the end of the week, I would highly recommend giving it a try.  You’ll be amazed at how accomplished you feel and how calm the next week is. If you would like more information on my grocery shopping and meal planning, here’s a helpful article:

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my upcoming article on Sunday resets!


4 thoughts on “You’re Planning Your Week Wrong, Here’s Why.

    1. Great question! Definitely make sure you go through it and only keep products you use REGULARLY. I totally understand the thought process behind keeping this sauce or that sauce because you MAY need it in the future, but it just isn’t practical. Next make sure you are organizing it for what makes sense for your family. Do you make pitchers of tea, juice, lemonade, etc? If so, maybe consider getting the slim pitchers I utilize in my fridge. If having fresh produce on hand is important, make sure you put it in easily accessible containers. Have you seen the containers I use for shredded cheese??? We always have a lot of cheese on hand, so putting it in compact, clear containers is a game changer for our fridge drawer. Finally, I recommend not buying in bulk. It’s much easier to store a 24 oz. jar of pickles than it is a 128 oz. jar. Hope this helps!

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