Sundays Are for Resetting, Not Planning

This statement may go against everything you believe, but Sundays are not for planning.  I repeat, Sundays are not for planning.  In my previous article I go into that further so feel free to check that out.  But for now, let’s talk about what Sundays are for.  Sunday is the start of your week, it’s a rebirth of sorts.  Sunday is a chance to recharge and reflect.  Sundays are a valuable thing, and they must be treated as such.  So, take advantage of the magical-ness that is Sunday by doing the following:

  1. Sleep in… a little.
    • Mondays come every week, so why torture yourself by getting up super early on Sundays!?  However, studies have shown that sleeping in too much can actually do more harm than good.  I suggest a happy medium.  Don’t get up at your typical Monday morning time, but don’t sleep the whole morning away either. 
  2. Put on clothes you love to wear.
    • For me, it’s my favorite sweatpants and cozy socks.  That is the outfit that makes me happy. 
  3. Do your hair and makeup, but don’t OVERdo it.
    • Do enough that you feel presentable, confident… basically so you don’t look like you literally just woke up.  Hair & makeup are quick ways to feel accomplished.
  4. Look over your week.
    • We don’t plan on Sundays!  Have I already mentioned that?  However, it helps to refresh your mind by reviewing the schedule that lies ahead.
  5. Get housework done BEFORE noon.
    • I get the Sunday blues just about every Sunday afternoon.  I combat this by getting all of my “have to’s”, like housework, done before the afternoon comes.
  6. Prep any foods you can.
    • Although we can’t prep every meal on Sunday, we can still prep something.  Maybe that’s cooking your ground beef and then freezing it until Thursday.  Maybe that’s finding the box of pasta and can of chicken broth you need for Wednesday’s dinner and sitting them in the pantry together.  Any prep work you can do now, the better.
  7. Plan for a calm Sunday evening.
    • Spend at least a couple hours resting and recharging for the week ahead.  Maybe that involves some spa time, a small nap, watching your favorite show, meditating, etc.

Reset your Sunday and let me know how it goes!!!


7 thoughts on “Sundays Are for Resetting, Not Planning

  1. I feel overwhelmed living in a cottage style home. I have alot of beads and crafts just crammed on my ikea shelf. It’s wicked looking. I need help with organizing this small space.

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