Judgement June

Can you believe it’s almost June!?  Since we started these calendars in February (we skipped January), we have decluttered, organized, deep cleaned and maintained our homes.  But, as any homeowner/tenant knows, our work is never done.

No matter how well you decluttered or organized your home in February and March, it’s inevitable the clutter and/or disorganization has returned.  As I’m always saying, our lives are constantly changing.  For instance, in our home our kids are out of school so summer schedules have now replaced our previous school schedules.  Our daughter is now in a summer sport so that means we’ve got softballs, cleats, uniforms, dirt always floating around.  Grandparents are showing up with bubbles or water balloons, etc.    The house is getting messier from the presence of kids longer throughout the day.  I could go on and on, but you understand my point.  No matter how well you’ve created “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”, you now have items that need a place or items that need to go.  That’s where the June calendar comes in (linked below).

I wrestled a lot with the June calendar title.  Judgement June sounds dark, like the Undertaker is coming.  However, the title fits the theme perfectly.  We will essentially be going around our home and “judging” or analyzing what is working and what is not.  A question I received a lot in February and March was, “do you plan what you’re going to need for organizing ahead of time?”  And my answer was/is, ABSOLUTELY!  I can’t get the word intentionality out of my mouth and for good reason.  You cannot begin to organize without a plan.  I will list out my steps in detail below, but you must be intentional in the products you’re purchasing, the purpose of the space you’re organizing, etc.  So, before we can begin to organize, we must “judge” our home and begin to create that plan.

Here’s how I suggest you utilize the June calendar:

  1. Each day you will focus on the area of your home listed, if that area doesn’t apply to you feel free to swap it out for something that works for your household.
  2. When analyzing that day’s area of your home, ask yourself:
    1. What’s working?
    1. What isn’t?
    1. How could that problem be solved?
    1. What is this area missing?
    1. Who’s using this area? 
    1. What is the purpose of this area?
    1. Is the area functioning fine, but you’re not happy with it?
  3. Once you’ve asked yourself those types of questions, you can begin creating solutions.  You’ll do this by first, mapping out the space.
  4. Once you’ve mapped out the space, is there any products you’ll need to complete the organization?  New bins, new organizers, etc.?
  5. This is also the time to think about decluttering.  Don’t declutter just yet, we’ll take care of that next month.  Just begin working through that process in your mind.

This June calendar will be very different for us, it’s almost all mental.  You will not actually declutter or organize anything.  We will put in very little physical labor, it’s strictly a planning month.  We are halfway through the year, let’s make the second half of 2022 intentional!


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