September Spark

Confused??  I totally understand. It’s kind of a weird name for a cleaning and organizing calendar.  But I couldn’t help it.  No matter how many other names I tried, that “spark” wouldn’t leave my mind.

Sometimes I feel like our households can get bogged down, especially after August.  School is starting back up, seasons will soon change, days keep getting shorter, the chaos of the holiday season is looming.  It’s easy to start feeling that dark cloud of anxiousness and exhaustion.  Don’t get me wrong, I LIVE for fall and winter.  But I still get that overwhelming feeling.  So, what’s better for your household than to light a spark!?  Revitalize your space, get the kids energized again and prepare your home for the upcoming busyness.   

Remember, it can be hard to stay motivated to accomplish any goal. So, feel free to share my calendars with friends or family to keep each other accountable and motivated! Let’s get ready to light that September Spark!

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