12 thoughts on “October Renewal

  1. Thank you so much !!
    I had seen that you where havimg a hard time with rude comments, i just wanted to share with you how much i apreciat you and how much i enjoy how simple your tips are to follow. I can honestly say since ive started the list’s i may have had the odd day that i did not finish my chores but for the most part i have and i feel sooooo good and im very proud of me 🙂

    Again thank you!! You are changing lives and you are appreciated

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  2. I just found your page on facebook today as a suggested reel video. I am so glad I did. I struggle with chronic health conditions, one of which is a chronic pain condition. I often feel so overwhelmed with house chores, and when I’m ill my family wants to help and I have no idea where to even have them start. Your calendars are fantastic! Thank you for investing your time and energy into these.
    Sorry some people have felt the need to be rude. I cannot understand people who feel the need to spew whatever comes into their mind.

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  3. Thank you thank you thank you – for this overwhelmed traumatized anxiety ridden person you are exactly what I need! Remember for every one critic there are millions who are banking on your advice feedback and how tos in life to get through the day!

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  4. I just found you today. I am 54, work full time, have a 16 year old daughter who is very active in school and a husband that works full time and doesn’t help with the home. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I make lots of lists and have tried everything thing but never stick with it or stay consistent. You seem so related and I am going to give it a whirl.

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  5. I just found you. Spent the past couple hrs going through what you have said and the information you have shared.. Girl ty so much. So glad I found you. This is amazing.

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  6. Hi! I recently discovered you on TikTok…I started watching your videos and I am so encouraged to get my home in order. I have accomplished getting my dining room, living room and kitchen counters, under the sink and pantry in order. Still a little work to go there, but I think I’ll be able to get it all in order before moving on to other rooms!
    Will there be a November calendar out soon?

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