So, my husband and I had that talk with our 10 year old recently. You know, the one about Santa. It was heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. We were sad because that little girl has gone away, but proud of how she handled it. It’s times like those that you look at your child in awe of the young adult they are becoming. But, I digress. My main reason for writing is to share the letter we used as a template for the conversation with our daughter. I saw it on Pinterest about 10 years ago. The letter I found on Pinterest was dated 2012, but I don’t believe that’s the original. The original comes from a woman named Martha. I’ll link it here:

It’s so perfectly worded. When I read it a decade ago, I just knew I would need it one day. So, thank you Martha for sharing this with us. It is so appreciated. And to my readers, I would love to know at what age you had the talk with your kiddos.


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