I’m assuming you’ve all seen my 6/10 list, right?  It’s magic.  If you don’t know what it is, I’ll give you a quick explanation.  My 6/10 list is a simplified cleaning schedule I created to help you stay on top of your cleaning and maintain a tidy home.  Tasks are broken down by day, week, month and quarter.  It has been a life saver for me and thousands of others that have employed it in their home.

But as we move into November, we must adjust our cleaning schedules.  We can no longer clean to just “maintain” our home, we must be proactive.   The holiday season has arrived.  We will have visitors, family gatherings, etc.  So, I have created a “Holiday Edition” of my 6/10 List. 

This list will stay the same for your daily and weekly tasks.  Those are always necessary.  But, I’ve added some additional weekly cleaning tasks to ensure your home remains “holiday ready”.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  Each new task should only take a couple minutes, except for the 2 tidies.  Remember—get the whole family involved!  Everyone can do these! 

The holiday season is stressful, but also packed with so much fun and magic.  Don’t let a messy house get you down!  Grab your copy of the 6/10 List Holiday Edition and enjoy this time with your family!  


4 thoughts on “The 6/10 List – HOLIDAY EDITION

  1. Thank you so much for this! Using your 6/10 list these past few weeks has really helped me. I am so happy I found you on TikTok!


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