How to Reset Your Home When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

I apologize for my absence; it has been a minute since I’ve posted!  Today’s article is on resetting our homes.  I received this message from a follower recently and it’s so important to talk about (I’m paraphrasing her words):  “I am constantly battling depression and anxiety.  I let my house go and I can’t seem to catch back up.  When I do try to catch up, there’s always something that impedes my progress.  Example:  I will focus on getting a room cleaned and then my kids destroy it that same day or I get caught up on laundry and then I get sick, etc.  I just want a fresh start.  I’m hoping you have some wise words.”

I have already responded to this sweet woman.  But it’s such a great topic to discuss because it sounds so familiar to most of us.  I think I can easily say we all get into these funks.  Just look at my website!  I haven’t posted in ages because my depression got the best of me for several weeks.  Yes, I was able to function.  But I was not able to do any more than what was necessary.  So that meant content creating was definitely not high on my priority list. 

Back to the matter at hand, my first note would be don’t stress about it.  In order to accomplish these tasks, you need a positive, clear mind.  Kick that negativity and self-deprecation out.  My second note would be set realistic goals for yourself.  Don’t put crazy pressure on yourself.  You’re only human, after all. 

Moving on to my method for getting on track.  Set aside one day for only this, maybe you take a day off work, maybe you pick a weekend.  Whatever day you choose, it needs to be a totally free day.  This means no appointments, no grocery shopping, etc.  Your sole focus is on the house, all outside errands, etc. can wait.  On this set day, you’re going to concentrate on the problems that are causing you the most anxiety.  This may be laundry, the kids’ rooms, the bathrooms, etc.

If you give yourself one day with no distractions and the only goal of accomplishing the items on your list, I promise you can “restart” your home in no time.  No matter how big the mess, it’s possible.

On a side note, if you feel your kids destroy a room right after you clean it then you really need to analyze what is in that room.  Don’t be afraid to donate clothes, toys, etc.  I’m CONSTANTLY decluttering our already minimal-ish home.  If an item doesn’t have a special spot that it fits in perfectly, TOSS IT. 

When parenting, running your household, etc. always remember your best won’t be someone else’s best.  You can only do what you can do.  Take pride in little achievements.  The fact that you care so much means more than anything else.


19 thoughts on “How to Reset Your Home When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Can I just say how much I really needed to find/see your posts! I lost my husband two years ago this weekend to cancer. It was only 8 weeks from diagnosis to death due to Covid shutdowns. Since then, I’ve been hoarding and cluttering up my once beautiful home. The depression and despair of losing him and not even really having any time to comprehend what was happening had completely overwhelmed me to the point of a total loss of self control. Not only is my house a complete disaster, I am too. I’ve gained 50 pounds and have completely let myself go.

    Your posts have inspired and uplifted me and I’ve started cleaning. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!💜

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    1. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband is my best friend, so I can only imagine the hole its left. I’m so glad to hear you are pulling yourself out of the pit (that’s what I call my depression). I’m so proud of you. You’ll have good days and bad days, but I’m so glad you’re starting. This has made my day. Thank YOU! Never hesitate to reach out. Sending you love.


      1. Thank you for your inspiring and ‘can-do’ approach to managing our homes. I just found your posts…I like your ideas. My husband died 16 months ago, and before that I was his sole caregiver for almost five years, as Parkinson’s stole his strength and life. Through all this, of course our home suffered. Not to tell a sad story, but now a mild lifelong disability has worsened and I must really clean up and declutter, as I see moving closer to my children will be necessary in a couple of years. The tasks seem overwhelming. I am trying to avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ and find that beginning thread, but oh, I need some guidance! It will get done, ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, but that stride is slowing down a bit!
        I just want to kick this chaos in the backside!
        Bless you for your kindness and willingness to help others. Thank you.

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  2. I’m truly inspired ♡
    Thank you for being such a blessing!!!
    I battle with anxiety and depression myself and CONSTANTLY catch myself getting overwhelmed with the upkeep constant house work…. they seem to quadruple in size with each day that passes…..

    I wanted you to know you have truly inspired me and for once I actually look forward to cleaning and getting our home in order… I’m going to try your way with the charts and weekly duties and see how this works for me, I’m excited and really think this could be a game changer for me!!!
    I’m hoping this helps me to not get Overwhelmed like I tend to do and just give up and let it go.

    Thanks again for being such a blessing!!!
    God Bless you and your family ♡

    Please email me any new calendars you add
    I’m adding my name and email now.

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    1. I’m so excited for you!! I can’t wait to hear how the new schedule works for you!! PLEASE keep me posted!!

      Did you subscribe to the website?? You’ll be notified any time I make a new post or new PDFs.


  3. This is so me. I have battled depression for almost 20 years. It got worse with 18 eye surgeries in 2017-2020. Then Covid. I’ve been in the house for a total of 5 years. All of a sudden last November I started laughing at TV and commercials. I stopped to see my doctor and I had her in stitiches – she even told me I was funny! I thought, I’m going with that!

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