Holiday Prep – November Calendar

Did you know Christmas is coming?? Once mid-October hits, it’s basically all I can think about. I LOVE Christmas, always have. My parents have also been very big Christmas people, it’s in my blood. With my busy lifestyle, though, I have to be very mindful about how I go about starting my holiday season.

With all of the gatherings, activities and the like, it can feel like you’re just running in circles. How can you possibly take care of your home and tackle the holiday business? I have created tons of PDFs to help keep you sane while also soaking up this time with your family (FYI– my daughter is 10, so I only have EIGHT more Christmases with her before she leaves home. Let that sink in.)

Let’s take a look at this November calendar. With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, our goal is to get our home as streamlined as possible so we don’t overwhelm ourselves with mess. So this month we’ll focus on decluttering areas of our home that are most used during the holidays– i.e. the kitchen, closets, etc. We’ll also be prepping our home in case we have guests stopping by.

Now, I know sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of the monthly calendars— hello, did you see I only started October’s three days ago!? But staying on top of the November calendar will be an important part of calming the holiday crazies. So, try your best to tackle as many days as you can.

Good luck, have fun and post your progress online so we can inspire each other!!!


5 thoughts on “Holiday Prep – November Calendar

  1. Really wish I could do a text system for the PDF calendar system. I’ve never really been one for emails unless it pertains to my kids school and even at that I miss a lot of stuff. I really love what you’re doing it to help me stay on track a lot. Thank you.

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      1. Hi, I’m new here, I’m in the uk and we can use what’s ap broadcasting you can have 250i think people per broadcast and you can send out mass messages. You can make it so only you can post – and it goes like individual messages so no one else gets other peoples numbers etc. I appreciate however with the amount of followers you have (me being potentially your newest) you would need lots of broadcast groups!

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